AMSOFT provides a collective Health Insurance benefit to all its employees.

AMSOFT complies with statutory requirements in providing the 401(k) retirement savings contribution.

Under the plan, retirement savings contributions are provided (and sometimes proportionately matched) by an employer, deducted from the employee's paycheck before taxation.


Multiple training Programs are offered to the employee in subject to ones requirement.

This includes mandatory training which every employee and to undergo and regulatory training which only specific employees may undergo.

There is another special training which is called Subject Related Training specific to Employees Domain and requirement.


Employees can take up multiple Certifications to improvise their skill set and to catch up with the market standards .

Certifications helps them in acquiring multiple opportunities and determines their level of expertise on a particular domain.

Based on the Domain in which the Employee belongs to , one can find suitable certifications after logging into the portal.


Employee can login into the portal to look at his paystubs on a monthly basis.

Employee can check his tax deductions , monthly claims , net salary and gross salary from the portal.

Income tax Retuns can also be filed by the employee and it has some restrictions which can be viewed after logging into the portal.


Employees can upload the time sheets on weekly basis.

Employee would be able to edit the Time Sheet in case of any errands or backlogs.

Every Employee would be notified with a reminder to fill the timesheet and it would be approved by the higher authorities.

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